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MicroWorld Technologies is an advanced security solution provider specializing in AntiVirus, AntiSpam, Content Security and Network Intrusion Prevention solutions. Incorporated in New Jersey, USA, MicroWorld has offices in India, Germany, Malaysia and South Africa, as well as a powerful network of partners and resellers around the globe.
Headed by the dynamic entrepreneur and technocrat Govind Rammurthy, MicroWorld Technologies began its operations in the year 1993. The firm has been since redefining the security landscape by producing technologies and solutions that are innovative and forward thinking. The company's continued endeavor is to provide Futuristic Security Intelligence to computers, be it Enterprise, SMB or home user segment.

Products from MicroWorld have passed several rigorous tests conducted by reputed, and independent evaluators of the security industry, while they have also won plenty of awards for their superior performance. Virus Bulletin, Checkmark, AV-Comparatives, TUCOWS, Red Hat Ready and Novell Ready are a few of them.

MicroWorld's biggest asset is its people. Its core team consists of wizards in various platforms of Technology, geniuses in marketing, veterans in sales and masters in Finance. Always keen to hire the best and the brightest talents out there, MicroWorld inspires its employees to question the conventions and break new paths. Differential thinking is ingrained in MicroWorld philosophy.

MicroWorld Winsock Layer (MWL) is a revolutionary technology developed by MicroWorld. It's placed between the Winsock Layer and user's applications. MWL allows MicroWorld products to stop dangerous content at the transport layer, before it enters the application layer, and thus protect Information Systems round the clock.
For tackling Spam and Phishing, MicroWorld employs a unique technology named Non Intrusive Learning Patterns (NILP). This adaptive mechanism can analyze each email according to the Behavioral Patterns of the user and can take an informed decision there after. It has the capability to learn on its own and can also incorporate regular research feeds from the MicroWorld Server.

The key products from MicroWorld are eScan, MailScan and X-Spam. eScan is the advanced AntiVirus, AntiSpam and Content Security solution that safeguards Workstations and Servers from all kinds of Malware, future threats, Adware, Spyware, Spam, Phishing mails and other Content Security Issues.

MailScan is the AntiVirus and AntiSpam solution that safeguards Mail Servers of Enterprises. X-Spam is a dedicated AntiSpam and AntiPhishing solution that works at the MailServer.

MicroWorld - The Future of Information Security
At a time when more and more mission critical operations are fast moving on to web based models and emails becoming the lifeline of businesses, comprehensive protection for Enterprises becomes the key to Business Continuity and Operational Stability. MicroWorld consistently delivers Security Solutions that you can rely on, by continuously improvising and innovating its Technology and Solutions. Because, for us and for you, trust is a common value.