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Notebook Clinic – A Division of Netcom Systems helps individuals and businesses get back to work with complete laptop and notebook repair services. Founded on the simple belief of quality service and workmanship at a competitive price, Notebook Clinic strives to be your first and last choice for all your laptop computer needs.

Notebbok Clinic is about getting you back up to full speed with a properly functioning laptop or notebook computer. Our factory trained technicians can handle any problem with any make or model.

We undertake repairs of all brands of laptops/ notebook computers at a very reasonable cost.We have so far repaired IBM, Compaq, Toshiba, DELL, Sony Vaio, Acer, Aci, AST, HP, NEC, Texas Instrument and Sharp laptop computers.

Component level repairs of laptop boards:

  • Motherboards.
  • DC/DC Power regulator boards.
  • LCD Display
  • LCD Flex cable(s) repairs/replacement.
  • LCD F/L Inverters repairs/replacment.
  • LCD Backlight filament replacement.
  • LCD hinges repairs/replacement.
  • LCD Casing replacement.
  • Floppy Drive repairs/replacement.
  • Replacement Memory Upgrade
  • Hardware enhancements and upgrades
  • CD-ROM/DVD/CD-R/CD-RW repairs/replacement.
  • Keyboards repairs/replacement.
  • Operating system re-installation/tuning/errors removal.
  • Any other software installation.

We have specialization in Laptop Repairs, upgrade, parts and accessories, Broken body, hinges repair or fabrication, (any branded or assembled laptops.), Data recovery from any laptop or desktop hard disk. You may expect best solutions from us both quality, and pricewise too.